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Knowledge is power, and we want to help everyone be more powerful with their money. CCU offers many products, services, educational resources, and programs tailored for high school and college students. We have a variety of tools and learning opportunities; one is likely to be just right for you!

High School: In high school? Check out what CCU has to offer that can help you save and learn to manage money wisely.

Financial Aid Resources: College can be a great opportunity. Paying for it can be a challenge. Corning Credit Union is here to help you finance your education.

Financial Education Websites:

  • FoolProof® Student Login: Educate yourself, your kids, your students or your employees. These free, online educational tools will teach anyone the core financial literacy skills one needs in life.
  • FoolProof Fast Facts®: If you like your money, here's a big fact: you're throwing money away if you're not an educated consumer. FoolProof is CCU's financial education website for teens and young adults.
  • StraightTalk® Teens A financial education website about helping to make you fool proof and it gives you a heads-up on the real world as you head to college or a job.

Parents & Educators: Whether you need easily accessible online resources, on-site presentations or speakers, or a tailored program, we can help!

Scholarship Program: Each year, CCU partners with the Credit Union Association of New York to bring college scholarship opportunities to members of our credit union. This program is open to college-bound high school seniors and applications are typically available November through January. Awards range from $250 to $1,000.

Student Branch Internships: Every year we seek ambitious students who aim to be recognized as leaders within our schools. As an intern at a CCU Student Branch, you will learn about personal finance and get to help students and teachers with their banking.