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Custodial Accounts

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Enjoy the potential tax advantages of a Custodial account and watch as your investment grows.

Invest in Your Child’s Future – Today.

Save money for college expenses not covered by other plans or teach your child how to manage investments. Both are possible with a Custodial account.

Custodial accounts provide1:

  • Competitive dividend rates. View Rates »  
  • The custodian with the authority to withdraw funds.


  • Since this account is for the benefit of a minor child, checking accounts and/or check cards are not permitted on this account for either the custodian or minor child.

To find out how you can open a Custodial account, please contact a CCU associate for more information. 

1Custodial Accounts are irrevocable trusts that convey legal title to the minor and are governed by the New York State Uniform Transfers to Minors Act.