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Alerts – Monitor Your Accounts

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Our most important priority is to protect you, your money, and the confidentiality of your personal information and we’re constantly looking for new ways to keep you safe. In addition to the products and services we offer (like cards with embedded chips and mobile payment options), we also offer two types of alerts to help you monitor the activity on your account.

Text Message Fraud Alerts for Your Cards

When you enroll your CCU credit and debit cards in our text messaging service, you’ll automatically begin receiving fraud alerts via text message. If we detect any unusual transactions on your card(s), we’ll send you a text message asking you if the transaction is yours and provide you with simple instructions for how to respond.

To get started:

  • Log into online banking
  • Click on “Card Fraud Alerts” in the Quick Links section on the lower right-hand side of the dashboard
  • Follow the on-screen instructions (you will need to enroll each of your cards for this service)

Please note: You may still receive a call from a fraud specialist to verify activity on your CCU credit or debit cards.

You can also temporarily freeze or disable your card anytime online or in our mobile app. Simply select the "Card Management" option.

Text Message and Email Notifications for Your Accounts

Sign up for personalized notifications to alert you when certain things happen on your account, including:

  • Automatic Deposit Alert
  • Automatic Withdrawal Alert
  • Balance Alerts
  • Insufficient Funds Alert
  • Loan Payment Due Alert
  • Transaction Alert
  • Transfer Alerts
  • Budget Alerts
  • Savings Goals Alerts
  • Online Banking Access Alert

To get started:

  • Log into online banking
  • Choose “Alerts” from the Tools menu at the top
  • Select the desired alert(s)

Privacy Policy

Corning Credit Union will never, under any circumstances, sell or distribute your cell phone number to third parties or to Corning Credit Union clients you have not approved. Corning Credit Union will never directly market to you any services for which you have not opted in, either by cell phone, text message, or email.

Corning Credit Union will never distribute any personal information about you, including your phone number, name, billing information or any other piece of identifying information. To view CCU's entire Privacy Policy.