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Zogo Classroom

Zogo Classroom is a desktop-based version of the Zogo app that can be distributed to local teachers in your community. Zogo Classroom gives teachers the ability to cover a number of financial topics, monitor their student’s progress, and curate their own curriculum.

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Zogo App vs. Zogo Classroom

Though Zogo Classroom shares content with the Zogo Mobile App, they are two separate platforms and have slight differences. While students still earn pineapples, Zogo Classroom does not include reward redemption. Zogo Classroom also limits what personal data is collected from students. As they are separate platforms, students and teachers can create distinct accounts for both Zogo Classroom AND the standalone mobile app.

The most important distinction between the two platforms is that Zogo Classroom is designed with powerful classroom management tools that allow it to become integrated in school curricula in your community.

If you’re setting up your first class, this walkthrough will take you through each step! 

We can’t wait to see how you use Zogo in your classroom!

For any questions, or to request a financial educator to come visit your class, please reach out to