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CCU Supersavers (Youth)

CCU Supersavers badge

The CCU Supersavers Program is designed especially for current and prospective youth members. Members who are CCU Supersavers receive rewards for saving money!

Here’s how it works:

When youth members join CCU Supersavers, they will receive a welcome packet that includes a Supersavers Certificate and sticker showing their status as an official CCU Supersaver!

CCU Supersavers Certificate

5 piggy banks

Supersavers will also receive a membership card sleeve with deposit pigs. These cards help keep track of deposits. Youth members are encouraged to bring this in each time a deposit is made to a savings account and ask us to initial the deposit pig. There is no minimum dollar requirement for deposits, but only one deposit pig will be initialed per visit. When CCU Supersavers make their fifth deposit, they can choose a Supersavers favor* and ask for a new sleeve to continue tracking deposits.

The Supersavers fun doesn’t stop there! We will also send a birthday card and stickers to all CCU Supersavers under the age of 12!


Accept the CCU Supersaver Mission! Call or Visit Us Today to Get Started.

The CCU Supersaver Mission - Save and protect money while educating humankind about the importance of saving for a better tomorrow

Membership eligibility required. All accounts are verified through ChexSystems. *The maximum dollar value of any Supersavers reward is $1.58.