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What is Net Promoter Score (NPS)®?

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NPS® measures the likelihood of individuals to recommend a business to their friends, family, and coworkers based on their answers in a survey. It is calculated by taking the percentage of “promoters” (those who rate the business a 9 or 10) and subtracting out the percentage of “detractors” (those who rate the business 6 or below) to arrive at the net result. 

Since the conception of NPS®, thousands of businesses (ranging from Mercedes-Benz to Amazon to Delta Airlines) have adopted the metric as a key indicator when measuring the value they bring to their customers. This is because businesses with a higher NPS® tend to have stronger relationships with their customers, provide goods or services that truly enhance their customers’ lives, and as a result, tend to be stronger financially than others in their industry. 

Most companies revel in glowing reviews, but at Corning Credit Union, we see feedback of all kinds as a crucial piece to running our business. We read every survey our members submit to:
- Have an open dialogue with the members we serve
- Identify areas for potential improvement 
- Understand what we’re doing well 

At CCU, providing outstanding service isn’t just a metric we strive for; it’s one of the ways we show our members how much we care. Our members have grown to expect the best service, and we consistently deliver.